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Our team is ready to help you get all of the information you'll need for your next railing update. Complete the form with a few simple steps, providing us with information about your project and a Harmony Railing representative will reach out to you. To complete this estimate, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Measure

To provide you with an accurate quote for our railing, we will need you to measure your deck and stairs. Be sure to measure every angle and document your measurements in feet and inches to the nearest 1/8". You will be providing these precise measurements to us.

Step 2: Create a Drawing of Your Deck

Now that you have your deck measurements, draw the shape your deck and indicate which side has which measurement. Label your measurements with a corresponding letter (see example below). More professional drawings are also welcome but please designate all measurements


nullNeed Help Planning?

We've created a planning guide complete with an easy-to-use deck drawing sheet! This guide gives a great examples of deck configurations, how to measure and what measurements to submit for your estimate.

Download the Planning Guide



Step 3: Submit Your Estimate Request

To provide you with an accurate quote for our railing, we will need you to send us all of the information you just collected. Please complete the form below to submit your request.

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